All the color settings is in this file: /etc/DIR_COLORS. In example below I will show how to change the color for  directory listing. The default font color for directory/folder is dark blue with black background so I want to change it so that it is easier to read.

The steps as below

1) use any editor to modify the file, example : vi /etc/DIR_COLORS

2) Scroll down until you find this:     DIR XX;XX       # directory (XX = 2 digits number)

3) Change the font color using the code shown below. For example if I want the folder to be shown as yellow with black background i will change the line to  DIR 33;40       # directory

4) Save the file. If using vi use this command: !wq <enter>

5) To have the color to have effect in root ,  copy the file to root directory

cp /etc/DIR_COLORS /root/.dircolors

6) To have the color to have effect in user account, copy to home directory

cp /etc/DIR_COLORS /home/.dircolors

7) Exit from your shell window, login again.  Type ls to see the effect, Volla!

Besides directory, you can change other color settings in the same file.

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